Nothing really special,
Titles not of that important “web engineer” Or an eBusiness project manager or maybe web specialists. whatever it can be called it’s a mix of technical, emarketing, ecommerce, and project management of over 7 years experience. Yes it looks like a big miss, but for those whom has been involved the mix can not be avoided and the end result is a super recipe with the finest flavors you’ve ever tasted in the on line industry.

I’m a Jordanian, running my own small Digital Services agency in Amman. Since this is my personal blog where I like to talk about anything I feel like sharing with you; I will not indicate any business contacts or promote my business within.

Here is a link to my linkedin profile. I will be happy to answer all inquires on this blog, just use the contact form page to send your questions.

Hope you find this blog useful and enjoyable.

Sourour Al-khatib

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